Hi Guys, i have concerns about update the plugins with existing settings


Hi Guys,

can someone help me about the if i buy some plug-in from the Nobuna, can i update it “manually” to new version of the plugin when will be released?

Because i’m an Amateur and i never update some plugin manually and i’m affraid of my existing settings on plugin.

P.s.: Yes i know the Nobuna’s Automatic Update Plug-in, but i’m asking for the manual updating via FTP.

Best regards

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  1. Hello,

    Yes, you can update the add-ons manually without problems, you can read the following guide that will help you in this process:


    And as you know, you can use our complement, we recommend this option and you can read more in the following link:


    Whichever way you choose to update your products, you will not lose your configuration data.

    Best regards.

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