Need to add a price ticker to the top of a homepage/any page on a website (Noob)


Just for context, I used WPBakery Page Builder to sort out a website for someone. I want to put a price ticker at the top of a page, just after the menu headings. I can put this ticker anywhere else on the page using a raw html element on the backend editor. However, when trying to put it after the heading, it rests on the headings instead. I have a slider (using Slider Revolution)that fills and blends with headings (transparent). I feel maybe the slider may be issue. Even after putting the raw html element above the slider it’s still rests on the heading. I would think that it would just push the slider down and nestle itself after the main navigation heading.

PS: I’m not proficient with WP but learning the ropes as the day goes by so any/all help is welcome. If you’d like to PM me, that would be fine as well. Thanks.

devatujyagabaryala 5 years 0 Answers 1096 views 0

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