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I am receiving the following notice regarding The Events Calendar Pro and The Events Calendar: Filter Barplugins. These plugins worked previously but I used the Nobuna Upgrader Plugin to update the plugins and now they don’t work, even though they say they’re using the current versions.

Your license key is invalid. You may need to download and install an updated version of the plugin. You can check the status of your licenses and download plugins by logging in to your account on

There is also a notice at the top of the page that says:

To begin using Events Calendar Pro, please install and activate Events Calendar Pro (5.0.1+).

There’s a new version of Events Calendar Pro available, but your license is expired. You’ll need to renew your license to get access to the latest version. If you plan to continue using your current version of the plugin(s), be sure to use a compatible version of The Events Calendar. Read more.

What can I do to make these work again?

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  1. Hi,

    Download the products from our website again and remember not to update them from the WordPress dashboard.

    There are two ways to update your products:

    1 – Manual Update

    To update your products manually, follow the steps indicated in this guide:

    2 – Automatic Update

    To update your products automatically, you can use our plugin. Please follow the steps indicated in this guide:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards.

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